Digital Work

Digital Work

Manulife Philippines Mobile App

Manulife Philippines had a minimum viable product online to test for their education savings project. I was asked to upgrade the UI. After workshopping and brainstorming, I also recommended and implemented several UX upgrades as well, producing a much better customer experience both in function and aesthetics.Some product details blurred, as new interface is not yet released

AgentSAM Mobile App

Manulife’s Hong Kong team provided me with wireframes and asked that I create a contemporary but familiar CX for agents to track their sales activity. Using inspiration from Apple’s iOS and well known apps such as What’s App, I created this eye-catching mobile experience that was very well received from the stakeholders.

Liberty Mutual Referral Program

Liberty Mutual Referral Program

I developed this program for Liberty Mutual’s internal sales team to generate new customer referrals with an incentive tool for the advocate. The program included 4 emails, 3 lansing pages and a multi-page micro site that allows the advocate to track referrals. Designs adapted for mobile were created for all of the emails and web pages.

CarZen Mobile App

Car Zen Mobile

Liberty Mutual purchased CarZen, a mobile app for researching automobiles. The app was only available for tablets, so I was on the team that created the mobile experience. The challenge was to maintain the integrity of the tablet styling while adapting the page content to a smaller mobile size.

Bread n’Butter Web Pages

Bread and Butter Web Pages

This was a two-part assignment. The first phase was to design a temporary “Coming Soon” landing page. The second was to select and mock up the permanent site’s home page. I found the perfect WordPress theme, then adapted it the BnB brand that I helped build.

Disclaimer: The project was developed under strategic & creative direction while freelancing at Teplow Cucurullo Communications. The Design is posted with consent and remains intellectual property of TCC.

Liberty Mutual Web Pages

Liberty Mutual Web Pages

Part of my everyday responsibilities at Liberty Mutual was to add or update different pages on the corporate web site. This page was added to inform policyholders on the claiming procedures of a water catastrophe. I selected imagery, layout and also was responsible for how the page appeared in the navigation hierarchy.

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