More Great Work

More Great Work

In Vehicle Tool Email

IVI Email

This was an email series sent to users of an in-vehicle monitoring system. The series includes a Welcome email, plus weekly and monthly updates (whichever the user chooses). Bold graphics and colors are both eye-catching and easy to understand.

Product Packaging

Gear Beast Packaging

To best capture the story of the target market of this product, I selected an image of a contemporary model with a serious demeanor. I had to Photoshop the product onto the stock image, then design the packaging with the same contemporary tone.

Power Point Presentation

Power Pont Presentation

This presentation was presented to a venture capitalist group. Prior to creating the deck, I fully researched the product and the market’s need. To make sure the information was communicated quickly and clearly, I created infographics and illustrations that were engaging and appropriate to the product.

Logo Design

Logo Designs

Here’s a small sampling of logos that I’ve designed over the years. I’ve created logos for everything from product lines to services to events. I’ve always been careful to design logos to work on any application from large-scale graphics to web to screen and embroidery.

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